There are few things that I find more enjoyable than cutting into a piece of wood and seeing the figure and character hidden inside.  Because of this I find myself with an ever evolving and ever expanding collection of interesting wood.

Woodworking is my passion and has been for many years, but my educational background is in the medical laboratory sciences.  It seems like an unusual combination, but I think that helps give me a unique perspective on both understanding wood and working with it, as well as using various varieties of fungi to induce specific spalting color patterns and zone lines. 

Starting your project with the right wood is essential in it’s overall design and appearance so it makes sense to be particular.  You never know exactly how a piece of wood will behave or what is right under the surface, but I make it a priority to give my customers as much accurate information as I can so they can make an informed decision.  In most cases, the picture you see on this website is the actual numbered piece that you will receive.

Enjoy browing over a large selection of discounted green wood for pre-turning, some hard-to-find larger blanks, the usual round bowl blanks, as well as taller blocks for carving or turning hollow forms.  Most of the wood on this site is seasoned rather than kiln dried for a more pleasant turning experience.  In most cases, you can find the origin of the wood blank in the product description along with the details like standing dead, storm damage, etc.

If you have any questions or comments I would be happy to hear from you.

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